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ImmoRelax Hypothek(Stand 02.11.2016)

Finanzierbare Objekte: Einfamilienhäuser, Zweifamilienhäuser (keine Selbstbauhäuser). Fertighäuser, sofern sie mit folgenden Gütesiegeln ausgestattet sind: Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutscher Fertigbau oder...   mehr


How to buy a Property in Germany

Germany is an interesting country, if you want to become a property owner. Although in this nice country, the property prices have remained fairly stable and still low for many years. The Germans are...   mehr


How to finance a Property in Germany

You found your house or flat in germany. Congratulations! You do not want to invest all your money, or you still have not all, to pay the property. So you need some more money from the bank. Even though there...   mehr

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